Betao Group AB

Welcome to Betao

We’re a Swedish-French tech company based in Stockholm, we build tools and services that help entrepreneurs succeed.

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Our mission

Our mission

Is to create people-focused solutions that help entrepreneurs succeed.


Why, you say ? Because by helping entrepreneurs to maximize their potential, we believe they can realize and fulfil their goals.

What we do

What we do

We run France's largest and most successful community of entrepreneurs.


Caring for those we serve is the core of everything we do. That's one of many reasons we build and develop services that enhances entrepreneurs.

Betao Unicorn

The name and the horse

Betao comes from the greek letter β (Beta) and the Chinese word Tao which means "the way".


Beta : the term refers to "beta version”. This allows us to remember that we’re always in a state of perpetual improvement.

Tao : is an old Chinese word signifying the natural order of events you must discern in order to realize his potential and individual wisdom.

Dalahäst : The mascot of Sweden, where our founders are from. With it comes a mentality of calmess combined with efficiency.

That’s Betao.

Now, time to watch Betaos birth, in the most traditional Swedish way possible, with a twist.

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