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Full Stack Developer

Betao is looking for a full-stack engineer to help build a high volume fraud technology platform within a small tech team. You will be involved in the strategic direction of the company and products, as well as joining a world-leading development team. You will be willing learning new skills (machine learning, python, golang, cloud automation etc), turning your hand to necessary tasks and working with complete autonomy.

Code for Humans

Your machine is happy if it compiles; your team is happy if they can understand what it does. Your pull requests are succinct and a pleasure to review, you have unit tests where it matters, and you understand that the code is not, in fact, the documentation.

Not for you the happy path or the assumed network. That habit of yours of assuming the worst and planning for it has earned your stripes in the world of running software at scale under real-world conditions.

Tools for the Team

Whether it’s a smart command line utility or a core internal library, you excel at improving everyone’s lives by removing repetition & common sources of error, and by solving hard problems in accessible ways. You build internal processes that are so reliable they melt into the background but are key to getting work done.


You’ve been on the receiving end of APIs good and bad, and want to delight our customers with the high quality they expect. You know that whilst everything should be JSON, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty with some SOAP for that critical integration but know how to isolate the contagion.

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