Betao Group AB

Our Passion

The majority of the world’s adult population want to run their own business, yet only a fraction ever dare to. That is far too many worthwhile dreams that remain unrealized. We want to change that!

Here’s How We Do It!

We believe that the first step is the hardest: if you can only get to the gym, you will finish your workout. It’s often the same for creating a new business and we want to make it as easy as possible to get started. Since we started, we have helped more than 300,000 entrepreneurs launch and manage their business.

How do we do that more concretely?
If you want to create a new business, we have replaced hard-to-understand physical forms with an intuitive online interface: let our backend fill out those forms for you! When what you really need is to speak to someone on the phone, we take pride in making ourselves available – not everything can or should be automated! Once you are registered as an entrepreneur, our web-based solutions will let you start invoicing, expense tracking, find deals from our partner network and launch your website from the very first day. Finally, we are invested in your success and provide online trainings where you can develop the critical skills you need to succeed.

We have a simple aspiration for you and every other entrepreneur that we help: your dream deserves an unfair advantage!


Who Are We?

Betao is a place where people and ideas can meet, mix and create wonderful new things that help entrepreneurs succeed! We are based in Stockholm, but our customers are in France. Yet we are neither French nor Swedish: we are a diverse group of people with many different nationalities and our corporate language is English. We are value driven in our purpose, but data driven in our decision making. By letting the best ideas thrive, we have surpassed 100 MSEK in annual turnover and employ more than 80 people at our offices in Södermalm – without taking any external investment. With our attention squarely focused on our customers rather than external investors, we can move fast and build for the long term.

Where Betao stands out more than anything, perhaps, is as a thriving international community. For most of our employees, Betao is their first employer in Sweden and also the place where they find many of their closest friends as they build a new life in a new country.

If you think that sounds interesting, please check out the open spots on our CARRER Page.

Our values.

We have our customers interests at heart 

We handle customers with dedication and integrity. We’re here to help entrepreneurs change the world.

We are resourceful


We always try and find our way towards a solution.


We are adventurous


We are not afraid to try new things and take accountability for it. We try fast and sometimes fail fast.

We care about each others

We always give a hand to people asking for it, show empathy and dare to ask for help when needed.

We are humble

We are willing to learn, open to feedback and we value each others perspectives.